What’s love got to do with you?

Sam, 27.04.19 | 09:00-11:30 | Hotel Glockenhof, 8001 Zürich

Have you ever stopped to consider that before the creation of the world,
God had you in mind, God in Christ has chosen you? As if being chosen by
love for love is not enough, God in Christ pursues you relationally so that
He can lavish His extravagant love on you, so that you can know the
fullness of His blessings every day.

Come and join us for brunch and find out what you’ve got to do with love!

Remi Tobler works for the university section of VBG, supporting,
encouraging, and developing student leaders and counselling and mentoring
students. Before coming to Switzerland, she held similar positions in
Canada and the UK. She studied Psychology and Education.

Zielgruppe: Junge Berufstätige aus allen Bereichen
Leitung: Kristian Joób; Lena Maurer
Bemerkungen: Anmeldung bis Mittwoch Abend vor dem Treffen via E-Mail
Kosten: Brunch und Unkostenbeitrag CHF 40.- (bitte passend in Bar mitbringen)